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Sermon Audio files and Manuscripts

During the period of time from 2003 through the present, Dean has preached over 75 sermons. However, only a very few of these sermons were recorded. Click on the appropriate icon to listen to the audio of a sermon or to read the sermon manuscript (when available).

Date Title Audio PDF Helps
Apr 23 2017 Resurrection Power: The Power to Overcome  
Apr 2 2017 So, What Have We Learned During Lent?  
Jan 22 2017 Come and See  
Jan 27 2013 Should This Church Become a Place for Healing?  
Aug 10 2008 Stepping Stones Along the Pathway of Obedience: Caring for Those in Need  
Apr 20 2008 Abiding in Christ:
In Affliction and Trial
Mar 30 2008 Abiding in Christ: Empowered by the Holy Spirit Prayer of Surrender
Feb 3 2008 Abiding in Christ:
God, Himself, has United You to Jesus
Prayer Before Rising
Dec 23 2007 Prince of Peace  
Aug 12 2007 Jesus' Teaching on Prayer - 2  
Aug 5 2007 Jesus' Teaching on Prayer - 1  
Feb 23 2003 The Greatest Song Ever Written